About me

PAOLO BERETTA, born in Novara on 30.08.1959, he began studying piano in his hometown, with the masters Michelangelo Gelli and Gino Ottina. He completed the full course of piano studies under the guidance of Prof. Maria Pilone of Turin, graduating in the Conservatory of Music “A. Vivaldi” in Alessandria in 1980. He studied composition with Prof. Silvia Bianchera Bettinelli and attended courses and Stages of orchestral and choral conducting, he studied orchestral conducting at the Music Academy of Pescara with the Maestro Gilberto Serembe participating in exercises orchestra with Maestro Donato Renzetti. He also detailed organ studies under the guidance of different Maestros. He has participated in many competitions in piano, choral music and chamber music, obtaining flattering support.

He started at a very young age, during his musical studies, to accompany singers and instrumentalists; in particular, has followed for years, consistently, in the recitals school and exams at the Civic Institute of Music “Brera” in Novara, and at the Conservatories of Milan, Turin, Alessandria, Bergamo, Piacenza, students of clarinet of Maestro M. Moretti, students of  trumpet of Maestro F. Titani, students of singing of the Professor M. Sorelli, students of viola of Maestro R. Tosatti, students of violin of Professor C. Credazzi Ruata. Also during the period of study, he received lessons in perfecting the piano accompaniment with the Maestros Leonardo Leonardi and Antonio Beltrami.

Pianist, organist, and harpsichordist

He made his debut as a concert pianist in 1981, Macugnaga (VB), inaugurating the “Young Performers Festival – Macugnaga Monte Rosa”; in the same location has often been host to several musical performances as a pianist, conductor and presenter.

He has given concerts for the “Circolo Cameristico Piemontese” and has been included in Concert Seasons promoted and organized by municipalities, provinces, regions, Theatres, Music and Tourist Organizations and Associations in Italy and abroad.

He often participated as a pianist and choir director at the Festival Concert Segusino (1983, ’86, ’87, ’91, ’93, and ‘97).

Organist at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, in June 1992, for a choral concert conducted by Maestro Monsignor Pablo Colino, the presence of the Holy Father, and in the performance of “Vesperae Solemnes de Confessore” by Mozart (June 1993) , in the Cathedral of Novara, in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic.

In April 2002 he inaugurated with a concert the prestigious organ “Prestinari” of the Basilica of “St. Martin the Bishop” in Magenta (MI), in connection with the completion of the restoration of the ancient instrument.

From 1983 to 1995 he was harpsichordist and pianist of the Quartet “I Cameristi Novara”, taking over from Prof. G. Cocytus, with Maestros B. Fabbri, R.Della Santa and U. Rea; from 1997 to date is organist and harpsichordist of the Opera Orchestra Sinfonica “Carlo Coccia” and of the “Baroqu’Ensemble”, of the Ensemble Isabella Leonarda and of the Baroque Orchestra City of Novara.

Accompanist and teacher collaborator of hall and stage, during the Lyrical Seasons, in the Theatre of  Novara (1989 to 2004), Alexandria (1990-1991-2003), Aosta (1992), Fano (1989 to 1995), Gozzano (from 1989 to 1992), Vercelli (1995-1996-2002-2003) and Verona (1992 to 1996). He has collaborated in concerts and opera performances under the leadership of Maestros J. Acs, R. Beretta, M. Caldi, F.M. Carminati, P. Colino, E. Dovico, P. Ferrara, F. Fogliazza, P. Gatto, W. Humburg, A. Leone, S. M. Lucarelli, D. Oren, F. Prestia, M. Rota, N. Santi, C. Scimone, M. Trombetta, M. Viotti, S .Zoja.

Companion of several Schools of Singing, collaborates permanently with various singers and teachers, including M. Buffoli, I. Cortese Colavito, M. Custer, P. Fornasari Patti, J. Futagami, M. L. Groppi, F. Mattiucci, M.C. Mecca, M.G. Nobili, G. Pasella, R. Redoglia, C.M. Rossanigo Baracco, I. Semeraro, M. Trombetta.

He is Substitute Teacher during the Seasons Lyrical at Theatre Coccia in Novara, steadily since 1993, year of the reopening of the renovated theater. Since September 1995 he was appointed Music Director of the stage. In 2002/2004 was Assistant to the Artistic Director.

In June 1995 pressed on CD, in the very first time, some unpublished chamber music, for voice and piano of T. Rusconi, with the soprano Rossella Redoglia.

In 1999 he was the official accompanist of the 5th Festival of Opera di Sanremo “Sanremo Music Classic International Award” and “Award Sanremo International Musical.”

In 2006 was pianist for the categories Strings and Winds, at the International Music Competition “V. Caffa Righetti “at the city of Cortemilia (CN), art direction Maestro Luigi Giachino.

From 1990 to 2007 was several times accompanist of strings, horns and singing at the International Competition of Vocal and Instrumental “Premio Rovere d’Oro” at the City of St. Bartolomeo al Mare (IM), art direction Maestro Luciano Lanfranchi, where, in 2009, held a concert with the Swedish baritone Maestro Dag Schantz and 2010 with Maestro Danilo Rossi, first viola of the “Theatre alla Scala” in Milan.

In May 2008 accompanied the cellist Luigi Cristiano Frisenda in a concert at the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Centre in London.

He is the pianist of “Charles Dancla Trio” (violin, cello and piano) where performs a thorough musicological research and recovery of assets chamber unexplored and with whom he participated in the “Festival Stradivari” in Cremona, the “Festival of’ Aurora ” in Crotone and the” Euro-Mediterranean Festival “in Altomonte (CS).



From 1981 to 1994 he was Director of the “Corale Polifonica Sant’Andrea” and (since 1981) of the Choir “Le Voci Bianche di Novara”.

With the Choir “Le Voci Bianche di Novara”, he has performed in major theaters in Italy (Arcimboldi Theatre – Theatre alla Scala in Milan (07/09/2004) Theatre Dal Verme in Milan (04/09/2005), Theatre Donizetti in Bergamo (16 / 11/2003), Civic Theatre of Vercelli (2002-2003-2004), Theatre Regio in Turin (28/05/2005), Theatre Carlo Felice in Genoa (30/12/2003), Theatre Coccia in Novara (1999 – 2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010), RAI Auditorium of Rome – Foro Italico (12/12/2003), as well as abroad. Between 1987 and 1990, at the Civic Conservatory “F. Brera” in Novara, was Director of the Lyric Choir-Polyphonic number, the Children’s Choir (1987/1990, 2004/2005 and, since 2009, was professor of Children’s Choir at the same Music Institute) and the class of choral exercises. During the same Institute was also a teacher of orchestral practice (1989).

In 1998 he founded the youth singing group ” Le Voci dell’ Arcobaleno” and, in 2007, the Chorus of the High School State” Alessandro Antonelli “in Novara.


Participates regularly as a teacher assistant and companion, in the activity of the “Amadeus Kammerchor” and the “Choir Gregorio Magno” Trecate (NO) since 2003, “Santa Cecilia” of Galliate (NO) from 1997 to 2004, “San Giuliano” of Gozzano (NO) 1998 to 2004, “San Vittore” of Verbania-Intra (VB) from 1984 to 1994, “Laudate Choir” of Busto A. (VA) in 1999, “Choral B. Marcello” of Mestre (VE) in 1999, the “Choir of the Philharmonic Theatre” (VR) from 1994 to 1996. Since 2007 he collaborates with the “Camerata Choir GBViotti” of Vercelli (Maestro V. Rosetta).

Collaborator of the Antoniano of Bologna from 1983 to 1993 for activities relating to the vocal child, in particular the competition “Lo Zecchino d’Oro”.

He was Maestro trainer of the choir at the St Mass celebrated by S.S. Pope John Paul II in Arona (NO) in November 1984.

In 1994 he was second Maestro of the choir institution opera house “Arena of Verona”.

He currently teaches in the Preparatory Choir at the Civic Conservatory “Brera” in Novara.

In November 2004 he was appointed Director of the “Polyphonic Choir Santa Cecilia” Galliate (NO), founded in 1907.

Recently held a series of concerts in Rome (including St. Peter’s Basilica, the Quirinal Palace, the Basilica of St. Gregory Barbarigo Eur, Theatre Garbatella) to lead the choir “Le Voci  Bianche di Novara” and directed , in Rome, the first performance in modern times of the sacred motets of the seventeenth-century composer Maria Xaveria Peruchona, which is overseeing the recording label.


He founded in 1987 the “Artistry Jazz Band” orchestra structured according to the staff of the Big Band, whose leadership continues to this day.

He was Director, in 1993, of the Orchestra of the “Attavanti Festival” – Concert Season Summer Porto Valtravaglia (VA). He directed several orchestras in different ballet and operetta circuit programmed by the Theatre Stabile of Turin, by the Music of Turin, the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy, the International Exhibition “Vignale Dance 1991″ in “LIVE”, International Performing Arts Exchange , Milan 1992, in Koblenz at the international event “2000 Jahre – Koblenz 1992″, for BIG TORINO 2000, international Biennial exhibition of Youth Creativity, and frequently at the Theatre Coccia in Novara, at the Opera House of Magenta, at the Civic Theatre of Vercelli .

In June ’97, with the Ensemble Paisiello, performed the comic opera of G.B. Pergolesi “Livietta and Tracollo” for the Association “Amici della Musica” Turbigo (MI) and in the concert season of “S. Rocco” and in Orta S. Giulio (NO).

On 30 May 1998 at the Theatre Coccia in Novara directed the world premiere of “Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary”, sung by soloists, chorus and orchestra by Karl Jenkins, at the guide of the Orchestra Sinfonica “Carlo Coccia”, followed by many replicas in several Italian places and a successful recording label.

In 2001 he directed the “Concerto Grosso  n° 2″ L. Enrique Bacalov with “New Trolls”.

In December 2001 he directed several pieces of the composer Monsignor Marco Frisina, at the helm of the symphonic Orchestra “D.I.M.I.” for a television recording, at the studios “Deal” in Rome, Vatican City.

In January 2005 he directed the opera “La Sonnambula” by V. Bellini at theaters Nichelino (TO) and Vercelli, in April 2005, the opera “Carmen” by G. Bizet for the Association “Amici della Musica” Castano Primo and Turbigo (MI) and “Tosca” by G. Puccini (2008).

Conducted concerts with the Orchestra: Ensemble “Isabella Leonarda” Novara, “Camerata Ticinensis” in Vigevano (PV), in the Theatre Coccia in Novara, in the Lyric Theatre of Magenta, and the “Classical Orchestra of Alexandria” and other organizations and associations.

In the autumn of 2006 he was appointed chief conductor of the Youth Orchestra “Totem” at the Lyric Theatre of Magenta.

In 2007 was arranger and conductor of the Festival “Live Music” at the “Palace of Congress” in Stresa.

In 2007/2008 he directed the operas: “King Agesilaus of Sparta” by G.D. Perotti, at the civic Theatre of  Vercelli, “Tosca” by G. Puccini for the association “Amici della Musica” in Turbigo (MI), the “Magnificat” by Caldara, Vivaldi and Cimarosa in several Italian cities, “Requiem” by G. Fauré driving Ensemble “Isabella Leonarda” and the Polyphonic Camerata  “G.B. Viotti “in Vercelli, the” Messe Solennelle en honéur of Sainte-Cécile” by C. Gounod the Symphonic Orchestra “C. Coccia “in Novara, the opening concert of the Festival “Armonie del Lago” Pella (Orta’s Lake) with the Classical Orchestra of Alexandria and the participation of “Etoiles del Balletto” of the Theatre alla Scala in Milan. Since 2009, as a solo pianist and conductor of classical Alexandria plays, in Italy and abroad, a program of music by A. Piazzolla (with accordionist Gianni Coscia and Gianluca Campi) and original film scores.



In Novara worked continuously since 1984 with the City Council, the District Councils, the Concert Societies and Cultural Associations for the organization and execution of musical, theatrical and other events, with particular attention to the area devoted to school.

From 1983 to 1997 he was Artistic Director of the Children’s Theater Season, organized by the Municipality of Novara – Departments of Culture and Education, held since 1993, and the Theatres Faraggiana Coccia in Novara.

As a teacher led several workshops on vocal child and cared for historical research, focused on the musical reality in the area of Novara, with the publication of Essays (“Stories of organs and choirs in the Franciscan church of Sant’Andrea, in Novara”, ed. Gazzettino 1985).

He has also conducted research on the Songs and Dances of Community Walser who settled in the Middle Ages Ossola, reconstructing some sound files, transcribing and affecting several traditional melodies and work songs, in collaboration with the Association “Walser Verein Z’Makana.”

From 1983 to 1994 he acted as Secretary and Assistant to the Artistic Director of the International Competition “Schumann-Young Chang” and, from 1987 to 1994, the Competition “R Schumann” in Piano Performance. Has worked for 25 editions with the international competition “Rovere d’Oro” di San Bartolomeo Sea of which he is secretary, committee chair and often artistic accompanist.

He has taught as Professor of role in the Middle Schools State “Gaspare Pajetta” and “Amedeo Duca d’Aosta” of Novara and has taught courses in vocal and instrumental score reading at the State Institute of Science “Contessa Tornielli Bellini” Novara, in special courses Art.44 Law 270/82.

Contribute annually to examination bodies of the Conservatory “Guido Cantelli” of Novara.

In October 1993 he was appointed National Delegate for Italy of the “Fédération Mondiale des Ecoles de Musique” (W.F.M.S. World Federaction Schools of Music). In May 1994, was a member of the Jury of C.I.I.M. Concours International d’Interpretation Musicale – Geneva (Switzerland).

Collaborates with the “Theatre of Memory” (Milan) – 1988 to present – in research and performance of the music of the Café Chantant, the Café Tabarin and Café Variety, late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It ‘always included in the bill annual theater since 1988.

Composer of music for film, advertising, documentaries, television, theater, children’s songs and didactic works. He also gained experience in radio as a writer, programmer, conductor, reader-voice actor, director, and theater, as coach-reviser and accompanist for singers of pop music, opera, jazz, soul, blues; prompter, teacher to lights, arranger, orchestrator, arranger, conductor. Often served as a teacher trainer, arranger and musical director of many television productions.

He founded, in 1994, the Center Artistic Productions “Nuovo Teatro”, based in Novara, of which he was President and Artistic Director. Since 1999 he is the Artistic Director of the “Voices of Novara” and, since 2010, Chairman.

From 27/05/97 to 09/01/99 was Councilor of Education, Vocational Training and Youth Policy of the Municipality of Novara.

In 2001 the owner of “FANTAMUSIC L.P. di Paolo Beretta & C.” that deals with entertainment, education and communication.

Also in 2001 he was appointed Artistic Director of “Music Art Show” in Cosenza.

In spring 2002 he collaborated artistically the creation of the Tour “Abraxas Chicago for Italy”, International Trophy Song for Young Talents, with stops in major Italian cities and television RAI.


In 2007 was arranger and conductor of the Festival “Live Music” at the “Palazzo dei Congressi” Stresa.

From July 2002 to June 2004 was Assistant to the Artistic Director of Theatre Coccia in Novara.

Since November 2004, teaches choral and instrumental exercises at the High School “A, Antonelli” in Novara in Laboratories Artistic provided by POF.

Since September 2005 he collaborated with the Institute of the “Immacolata delle Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice”, in Novara, as Master Choir and piano teacher.

He has edited research and transcriptions of manuscripts of works by composers of Novara and has revived traditional folk songs Novara in his choral and instrumental harmonies.

He has several recordings, radio and television broadcasts and publications of essays and educational items.


In 2009 he edited the artistic program of the Civic Theatre Oleggio (NO)

In 2010 he composed the music for the film “Note di Speranza” (“Hopeful Notes”) by Valerio Zanoli (Really Good, a production by High Concept, inc. In association with MICHIGAN FILM LAB., LLC), premiered at the Festival Venice Film Festival (10/09/2010) with the International Social Commitment Award 2010 and distributed by Medusa Film and Media non-profit organization Friends of the Project “together for the children of Pakistan.”


In 2010 he was vocal coach of the competitors of the television program “Ho imparato una canzone ” – Channel Italy (Production Remida Records).

Also in 2010 he wrote and directed the original soundtrack of the film ” La Voce Sola ” of Marcus Octavius Graziano, with Luigi Diberti, Elena Sofia Ricci and Serena Bonanno for “E.motion film”.


He began his piano accompanist for the dance at the school dance Civico Istituto Musicale “F.Brera” of Novara (1889/1993). Professionally shape by working closely with Maestros Susanna Della Pietra and Henry Sportiello (1988/1996), and then continue his work at training centers dance, Corps de ballet, Opera Houses and Theatrical Companies.

From 1989 to ’93 he was accompanist stable of the body of the ballet “Brera” in Novara, directed by Paola Carnovale, with which he made in 1990, the show “Ballet in Jazz” (produced by the Municipality of Novara – Department of Culture and undertaken as part of the Summer Season of Opera and Ballet), which takes care of the arrangements, the consultation and the orchestral direction, with several replicas and filming in Piedmont.

Also like the Pianist Dance has collaborated with Master Classes for ballet, jazz, character and according to the methodology “Martha Graham”, held in many places by Mrs. Susanna Della Pietra and Maestro Enrico Sportiello (1988/1996). He has worked with many teachers, dancers and choreographers: A.Amodio (RE), M.Barrios (Caracas-Venezuela), P.Beamish (Australia), El Camborio (VR), A.Celentano (RE), U. Dell’Ara (Rome), E.Delmastro (TO), E.De Zuani (NO), S.Egri (TO), K.Genèro (TO), S. Giannetti (Rome), F. Grieco (Rome), T.Harm (Estonia), J.Hobbart (RI), G.Menegari (Cortina d’Ampezzo and Trento), J.Leslie Spinks (VR), A.Longhi (Borgomanero-NO), Z. Prebil (Rome), M.Renouard (VR), M.Trayanova (Rome), B.Vescovo (MI), O.Sacks (Caracas-Venezuela), T.Suzuki (VR), and also G.Bodnarciuc, M. Caracciolo, P.Chalmer, D. De Panfilis, L.Durst, C.Fracci, S.Fournial, R.Garavelli, I. Goliandin, R.Greco, M.Kamara, A.Molin, C. Mucci, R.Paganini, M. Parrilla, G.Patti, M.Pierin, L.Real. (from year 1990 to 2005)

During 1990 he was pianist of the Ballet School of Teatro alla Scala in Milan, directed by Mrs. Anna Maria Prina and collaborated to staging of ‘Coppelia’, directed and choreographed by Robert De Warren.

Passed with the highest score (February 1992), the Ministerial Competition for Piano Accompanist place at the piano at the National Academy of Dance – Rome.

From 1992 to 1996 he collaborated with the Ente Lirico Arena di Verona and the Summer Festival of Opera and Ballet, the Ballet as a pianist (working with choreographer Susanna Egri, El Camborio, Lucia Real, Torao Suzuki, John Butler, Alberto Mendez, Luc Bouy, was assistant of Music in the productions “Dream of a Midsummer Night”, summer ’95, and “Antony and Cleopatra”, summer ’96, both with Carla Fracci, directed by Beppe Menegatti).

In 1995 was pianist at the VII Course of further training for young dancers, initiated by ATERBALLETTO of Reggio Emilia.